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DC’s upcoming: League of Super-Pets

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DC’s upcoming: League of Super-Pets

Let’s hope that DC can bag a much-needed box-office win.

As far as movie studios go, DC’s cinematic department has not had the best of times lately. For starters… the film giant is currently sitting on a Flash movie. One which might never come out, given the lead actor’s alleged crimes. And the subsequent flight from justice. While on the other hand, Amber Heard’s involvement in Aquaman 2 threatens the financial performance of the upcoming movie. Hopefully, despite all that… League of Super-Pets will do better in the public eye.

The upcoming animated movie has a stellar cast of top-notch stars.

Including names like 50-year-old Dwayne Johnson, award-winning standup: Kevin Hart, and many more. And those who might be in doubt over Hart’s inclusion in this film should listen to his performance as Snowball in The Secret Life of Pets.

After the trailer dropped, one viewer commented – You know, this might be worth a watch. And he is not the only one who has been pleasantly surprised by the film’s potential. Others have also echoed the same sentiments by saying things like – Wow, this is the movie I didn’t even know I wanted!

And the surprises did not end there. One user said – John Krasinski as Superman wasn’t something I was expecting but definitely a great surprise. And given Krasinski’s performance in Doctor Strange 2, fans must be excited to see him take on another “superhero” role again.

Under normal circumstances, DC can usually be counted on to make a good animated show or movie. Hopefully, they won’t disappoint when League of Super-Pets some out in a few weeks.

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