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Who sued Top Gun: Maverick?

Who sued Top Gun: Maverick?
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Who sued Top Gun: Maverick?

The two plaintiffs will be going up against a well-funded opponent.

Paramount Pictures has gone through what must feel like a rollercoaster. The studio went on a high as its latest installment of Top Gun (starring Tom Cruise) went on to rack in millions. Hundreds of millions! But just as quickly as that money came in… they have been sued. Who sued Top Gun: Maverick? Shosh Yonay, and Yuval Yonay.

Most of us have no idea who those two individuals are. But those that follow copyright battles (especially Marvel ones) would be happy to know that veteran copyrights attorney: Marc Toberoff, is involved. And if Toberoff is in your corner, you stand the best possible chance of winning! Even if you are just the widow and son of a deceased copyright holder.

Shosh Yonay and Yuval Yonay are the widowed wife, and son of the writer who wrote the original magazine story which gave birth to Top Gun movies. The author, Ehud Yonay passed away in 2018. After which his family is said to have reclaimed back the rights which presumably enabled Paramount to make Top Gun movies.

The two plaintiffs will be going up against a well-funded opponent. But it’s a good thing that they have got Marc Toberoff with them. Let’s wait and see how this Top Gun: Maverick story plays out.



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