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Do we need more celebrity makeup products?

Do we need more celebrity makeup products?

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Do we need more celebrity makeup products?

In a space of less than a month, both Lady Gaga and Rihanna have launched newly formulated beauty products.

These days, it seems you can’t open any timeline (or throw a rock) without hitting some brand new celebrity makeup products. It seems everybody has a powder, cream, or lipstick they want their fans to buy.

Leaders like Kim Kardashian have been at a for a while. But the socialites are far from being alone in that game. The world seems to be flooded with more, and more, makeup products. And at this point, it seems to be a case of ‘milk as much money as you can’ on launch day. Will these hordes of celebrity makeup products last? Are the creators expecting return buyers? Or are they more of a once-off, double-your-money today scheme, for those behind it all?

Back in the day (not too long ago), I remember seeing a famous face or two on perfume posters.

And that was as far as things would go. In those days, the endorsing celebrity would pose with the products. Get their money, and go back to whatever made them famous. But now, celebrities want to own the production companies. Which has led singers like Rihanna to globally launch Fenty Beauty.

Even award-winning individuals like Lady Gaga are also getting into the makeup business. Gaga and Rihanna launched their latest beauty products, less than a month apart. Is this just a phase, or are we going to see these products sticking around?

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