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Best iPad alternatives for kids

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Best iPad alternatives for kids

Our list is packed of budget friendly recommendations for you. Some of them are even “kid proofed”

Now that the holiday season is here, you might be thinking of finally buying your child a tablet. And depending on the age of the child, an iPad might be too expensive for their little, slippery hands. This means you need a tablet that they can use to learn about proper use… and how NOT to drop their gadgets. For that reason, we now bring you the best iPad alternatives for kids!

These devices might not be as fancy or as expensive as an Apple device, but they can play some games, store music, and browse through endless YouTube videos. Or you could try a PC games gift card and hope that, that will win over their hearts.

3. Lenovo 7″ Tab M7 32GB Tablet (3rd Gen)

This 1024 x 600 touch screen device, has 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM. In addition to that memory, it comes with 32GB of storage. What better way to teach your kids about space management? And if they want to watch YouTube Kids videos, then they won’t really need more than 32GB of storage. In addition to all that, its got enough juice in the tank to do video calls with your young ones. As long as they have a fast and stable internet connection.

Here is where you can buy this tablet:

2.  Fire HD 8 Plus (10th Gen)

If you’re on the market for something affordable… but also comes with battery life decently good battery life then try Amazon’s tablet. The Fire HD can do wireless charging in under 4 hours, and they also promise all-day battery life. With this being the 10th generation model, you can expect some subtle fixes and improvements that have been done over the years. Unlike the Lenovo above, this tablet comes with either 32GB storage, or 64GB. It can also provide your child with 3GB of RAM, and all the whistles and bells you can expect from the Amazon ecosystem. Including a hands-free option for Alexa.

Here is the link to go and buy one:

1. Samsung – Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

If you’ve got older kids that can be trusted with a slightly more expensive tablet. But not as expensive as most iPads, then you could consider this powerhouse! It is packed full of 4GB RAM, 64GB or 128GB storage… and a stylus that allows your child to draw. Just like they would on an Apple device, but for a much lower price. The RAM also makes for a much better gaming experience. On top of all that, Samsung has given you an assortment of colors to choose from, namely: Angora Blue, Oxford Gray, and Chiffon Rose. If you have a little artist in the making, they will need to get one of these eventually. Making this a very unique entry on our “Best iPad alternatives for kids” list.

Here is the online store where you can grab this tablet now:

The best iPad alternative for your kids

As an added bonus, while doing my research… I bumped into our final product of the day! A tablet that’s 100% designed for kids, from the ground up! But whether or not it’s right for your child, that’s something we will leave you thinking about. It comes with child-friendly content and a kid-proof case! Watch the promo video below, then read more, and buy it here:

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