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What made Rebel Wilson wanna lose weight?

What made Rebel Wilson wanna lose weight?
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What made Rebel Wilson wanna lose weight?

Given that Rebel Wilson has over 10 million Instagram followers. Her message has reached and taught many people.

Most fans probably assumed that 41-year-old Rebel Wilson’s decision to lose weight had nothing more to it. On the contrary, she has recently reviewed a previously unknown motivation. In brief, the Australian-born actress may be planning to have a baby.

While looking through some fertility stuff, a doctor allegedly remarked to her that she stood a better chance of carrying healthy eggs if she herself was healthier. Needless to say, she found his remarks offensive! But, she has figured that perhaps if she follows his advice. She stands a better chance to freeze some top-quality eggs. Before all this, Wilson has talked emotionally about her struggle with fertility. In an interview with E!News she told them that she had been overweight for 20 years of her life. Given her new Mayr diet, that weight now seems like a thing of the past. How can anyone not be happy for her?

Does obesity affect pregnancy

After hearing of Wilson’s encounter with that aforementioned doctor. Hourly Gossip decided to research “Does obesity affect pregnancy?” Apparently, in some cases, it can. On the list of things that could happen. Birth defects are also found there, which could include neural tube defects. And possible heart defects too. If that’s not enough of a reason to be worried. In some more severe cases, pregnant women with high BMI have a greater risk of stillbirth.

Given that Rebel Wilson has over 10 million Instagram followers. Her openness over weight-related issues, and fertility. Could ultimately be helping countless followers that possibly never knew these things.



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