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Wanna hear Paris Hilton’s first podcast?

Wanna hear Paris Hilton’s first podcast?
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Wanna hear Paris Hilton’s first podcast?

40-year-old Paris Hilton has a brand new podcast. I am ashamed (as a blogger) to say: I did not see that coming. Nope, not at all

So, today I was poking around iHeart Radio and got the surprise of my life. 40-year-old Paris Hilton is engaged AND she now has a brand new podcast. I am ashamed (as a blogger) to say: I did not see either of those things coming. Her podcast is titled This is Paris, and I have it embedded below for you.

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Paris also went on to reveal a special hotline that you can leave messages for her on. With any luck your voicemail could be played in her podcast! Does that prospect excite you? Or are you about to close this tab before I even finish my article?

Since I’m fully aware that Spotify is not available in all countries. I also found a link here where you can play the podcast! It would seem that so many of the “idols” we grew up with are getting married. More and more…

But when it comes to Paris, she has been engaged more times than most. You also heard about Pamela Anderson’s secret wedding right? Not the Jon Peters one, that never got officially filed. Here is This is Paris – Episode 1 (the full, uncut, unfiltered episode is coming up next).

What is Paris Hilton up to?

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Apart from making the podcast above. And possibly planning a socially distanced wedding. Paris Hilton’s podcast description says she is an influencer, DJ, designer, recording artist, philanthropist, host, actress, model, and author. And you thought you knew her lol. Yes, she’s also an author… apparently.

Who is Paris Hilton engaged to?

Carter Reum

Will Paris Hilton change her name after the wedding?

She hinted that she wouldn’t mind hyphenating: Paris Hilton-Reum

What does Cater Reum do?

Paris Hilton’s new fiance is an author (Shortcut your startup) who also co-founded and development and investment company – M13. That was after selling VEEV, his spirits company.

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1 Comment

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