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Why did Cardi B and Offset’s kiss get deleted?

Why did Cardi B and Offset’s kiss get deleted?
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Why did Cardi B and Offset’s kiss get deleted?

Cardi B and Offset barely knew each other when the 29-year-old rapper: (now husband) Offset kissed her on camera.

Former President of America, 74-year-old Donald Trump trended a while back. When news got out that Trump was to have his Home Alone scene deleted from the movie. Ouch! Yes… Trump is in Home Alone (maybe you didn’t notice) but he definitely made an appearance.

What’s that got to do with Cardi B and Offset? I can’t think of any clever way to explain my logic for opening up this post with Trump. So… forget the intro and read the tweet below. It’s one of Cardi B’s latest tweets where she went around Twitter answering any and all fan questions about her music videos. In the tweet, Cardi revealed that Set kissed her (presumably unplanned) on camera.

Unlike the one which I’ve embedded above. Most of her tweets ended up revolving around the price tags that came with each of her music videos. I’m a huge follower of Cardi B’s tweets, FYI. So, apparently, WAP cost a hefty million! What makes it more surprising is that three years before the million-dollar music video she gave us the Bodak Yellow video at a production cost of only $15’000. Before we rant and moan about the deleted kiss with Set, let’s see what fifteen thousand Benjamins will get you.

The deleted ‘Cardi B and Offset’ kiss

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Now, back to the kiss! In her tweet, Cardi confessed to barely having known her 29-year-old rapper hubby Offset at the time of the kiss. The rapper must have been oozing confidence and coconuts of steel to pull off an unscripted, on-camera kiss! And Cardi’s heart sank, personally I think it was a mistake to not include that pivotal moment in the final cut of the video. It would have been nice to see where it all began for the husband and wife duo (I think it would have been very nice).

I shall conclude this post with another tweet about the video with Offset. Apparently Set had a 40 thousand dollar wardrobe fee for videos. And Cardi B had to pay for that out of her own pocket. Just to have him alongside her in Lick. Read more Cardi B gossip <<<here!

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How much did the Bodak Yellow music video cost?

15 Thousand dollars (according to Cardi B’s latest tweet)

How much did Cardi B’s Money video cost?

400 Thousand dollars

How much did WAP cost to film?

1 Million dollars

How much did Cardi B’s Foreva cost to shoot

Around 8 Thousand dollars

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