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Wanna watch Cardi B being mentioned on Family Guy?

Wanna watch Cardi B being mentioned on Family Guy?
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Wanna watch Cardi B being mentioned on Family Guy?

Mentioning Cardi B on Family Guy gave a viral boost the show. Have you seen the episode?

Cardi B has been dipping her finger into many pies, starting off with Law and Order: SVU and now American Da- sorry, Family Guy. Imagine that.. Cardi B on Family Guy? Next time they should actually bring her in.

The Bardi Gang were very happy with the ever-growing relevance, she continues to have. It’s not every day that a real-world artist gets slotted into television scripts. Check it out for yourself:

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This new Family Guy episode came at a time that everybody seems to be talking about her 88 thousand dollar handbag. How more relevant and trending can one artist be? Thank you so much for dropping by, and please… like our Facebook Gossip page and Twitter account.

What did people think of the Family Guy episode?

Some viewers said, “I hate this show but yes love that for her.” With another adding, “How do so many hate family guy?” True fans of the show ignored all that, with one deciding to focus on the moment itself by commenting (in all-caps), “FINALLY IVE BEEN WAITINGGGG THEY REALLY DO BE SLEEPIN ON THE QUEEN BRUH”

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