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Has Jenny Campbell ever invested in the den?

Has Jenny Campbell ever invested in the den?

Burning curiosity

Has Jenny Campbell ever invested in the den?

One of the biggest modern pop culture questions today, needs to be: Has Jenny Campbell ever invested?

If you (like some of us) spend your lunch hour eating and watching YouTube videos of Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank, then you’ve probably read comments about some “Jenny.” That would be multi-millionaire Jenny Campbell. We are here to answer the question: Has Jenny Campbell ever invested?

Those who are not familiar with Dragon’s Den can find a video I attached for you below. In the middle of this article.

Now… back to Jenny! She was on Dragon’s Den (A show similar to Shark Tank and Shark Tank Australia). These are all TV shows where entrepreneurs go to pitch their businesses or ideas. A team of investors then rip them apart or buy equity in those businesses. Jenny Campbell racked up a rep of allegedly never investing. And always saying, “I’m out!” Was this a fair observation by the Dragon’s Den audience? Frankly I miss Jenny, and the ever-likeable Duncan Bannatyne.

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Believe it or not Jenny has invested five times on the show. In addition, she has also made offers that got rejected by the entrepreneurs. Above all this, Jenny also invests in businesses outside of the Den through her Invest In Me programme. Let’s see Jenny the dragon, in full action! And just like Shark Tank Australia’s Naomi Simson, Jenny too… wore red, in this episode.

Now, its time for the meaty-section of this article. I hope you enjoyed that gripping episode attached above. Below we have listed her den investments and images (according to her website).

1. Didsbury Gin

Jenny’s website has this to say about the product: Didsbury Gin combines traditional artisan methods and infusing modern botanicals using a blend of hand-peeled fresh citrus, British roots and hand-cracked juniper berries. The result is a range of bright, vibrant & zesty gins, good enough to drink neat, perfect with tonic and delightful in cocktails.

2. ParkingPerx

ParkingPerx is a multi award-winning loyalty solution that is set to reinvigorate our struggling High Streets. Spending in offline, High Street Merchants is rewarded with a credit (ParkingPerx). Which can be aggregated and used to reduce or eliminate the cost of Parking. Not only that, it uses some clever tech to reduce the pain of parking too. You can manage your parking session in under 10 seconds and be on your way

3. DrivenMedia

DrivenMedia is a truck advertising firm using commercial trailers already travelling across the UK as mobile billboards. Opening up a media space often overlooked by advertisers, the Uk’s major road network. (One of the most densely populated in Europe.) Each trailer is seen by over 55,000 people making it one of the most cost-effective advertising platforms in the UK. As you sit in traffic: what else are you going to look at, but trucks?

4. Look After My Bills

This investment was sold to the GoCo Group PLC (GoCompare) for £12.5 million.: Look After My Bills is the largest auto-switching service in the country with 200,000 people having signed up since January 2018. The free service cuts your gas and electricity bills without you having to do a thing.

5. Carun

This one also got sold, but before that: Jenny worked closely with Michal. And over 2 years to stabilize and grow this business significantly. In August 2019 Jenny sold her interest in Carun to CBVIT Holdings. A newly formed private company which is building an end-to-end business model for the CBD market… And will maximize opportunities for the continued growth of CBD products in the UK.

Thank you so much for checking out this blog. Keep coming back if you love Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank. Maybe you also love global, American or Aussie celebrity gossip. Now, let’s hope the lunch-time trolls will stop asking: Has Jenny Campbell ever invested?


Has Jenny Campbell ever invested on Dragon’s Den?

Yes she has, this article managed to list 5 pitches.

Is Jenny always out?

No. Jenny Campbell has invested and has also said “I’m in” on a lot of deals. But sometimes the entrepreneurs prefer not to take her money. Like you saw in the Dragon’s Den video attached above.

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