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Could Molly Hurwitz be: The World’s Most Elusive Celebrity Ex?

Could Molly Hurwitz be: The world’s most elusive celebrity ex?
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Could Molly Hurwitz be: The World’s Most Elusive Celebrity Ex?

Where is Molly Hurwitz? Google has nothing much to prove that Molly even exists.

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Once you get involved or “spotted” with a celebrity, you can kiss your privacy goodbye! Friends become “sources” and ex-lovers start digging up and selling old photographs and videos of you. But… Where is Molly Hurwitz?

As a celebrity’s love interest everybody will now want a piece of ya. And they will find a way to find you. But not our Molly! The 28-year-old is rumored to have secretly dated 51-year-old Matthew Perry for two or so years. All this, without attracting much attention to herself or their alleged relationship. I only say “alleged” because it is TOUGH to dig up anything. Photos! Social media posts! Nothing… just a few crumbs here and there. Where (and how) did you even find this woman Mr. Chandler Bing?

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The relationship between Molly Hurwitz and multi-millionaire Matthew Perry ended early this year. Even after the relationship ended, Molly is virtually a ghost to the public eye. By now she should have an Instagram or Twitter account with a sizeable number of followers (even as an ex of a celeb). But nope, not our Molly. Her old (private) Instagram account seems to have vanished, and all we have is this one video of her (I won’t be surprised if this video vanishes too, one of these days lol):

The only proof Molly is even real: Abbi

Here are the video credits and description:

Improvised stories by Max Landis, performed by friends. EPISODE FEATURING: Molly Hurwitz FOLLOW MOLLY: Instagram: @mollyhurwitz FOLLOW MAX: @uptomyknees DIRECTED // “WRITTEN” Max Landis SHOT BY Sela Shiloni Ryan Aylsworth Max Landis EDITED BY: Sela Shiloni MUSIC BY: Calvin Markus


Other than that video, we have nothing else to prove that Molly even exists. All the celeb gossip websites that talked and talked and talked about her. Used images that were screenshot from the video above. Now, that is what I call elusive! Articles about her report that she is a talent manager. If you enjoy stories about hidden people, try reading about the guy that was inside Barney’s costume next.

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