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How and why did Brie shut down her baby-maker?

How and why did Brie shut down her baby-maker?
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How and why did Brie shut down her baby-maker?

The retired professional wrestler, WWE Diva, had some unexpected news for her podcast listeners.

Daniel Bryan’s 36-year-old wife Brie Bella has had enough. Brie announced in her “Total Bellas” podcast (she does it with her twin sister. Two very beautiful WWE Divas). On October 7 Brie told listeners that she had no more desire to have additional children now.

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The retired professional wrestler has recently welcomed a second baby named Buddy. We are not going to do another article about celebrity baby names, at least not yet. What procedure did she have done? Tubal ligation, a process in which the fallopian tubes are cut, tied or blocked to permanently prevent pregnancy. In the Podcast below, the twins talked about politics and “cancel culture.” Have a listen to the beautiful WWE Divas (former divas actually):

After hearing about her talking about her procedure, I wondered: is it permanent. Like permanent, permanent. I’m no medical expert but here is what Google told me:

After a total of 5 years following tubal ligation, about 13 out of 1,000 women might become pregnant. Pregnancy may occur if: The tubes grow back together or a new passage forms (recanalization) that allows an egg to be fertilized.

Thank you so much for reading this gossip article. If you skipped the podcast above, I strongly recommend it! Those ladies are fun and had a lot of solid opinions about today’s world. Also, take the time to follow Hourly Gossip on Twitter and like Hourly Gossip on Facebook.

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