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Which new ‘candy’ is Cardi B shopping for today?

What kind of ‘candy’ is Cardi B shopping for today?
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Which new ‘candy’ is Cardi B shopping for today?

Whatever Cardi wants, Cardi gets! When you’re rich and famous your cravings and your Amazon wishlist can be… rather interesting!

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Ever woke up in the middle of the night craving something your fridge might not have. When you’re rich and famous these cravings could range from a Cat-themed Ferrari 458 Spider to a diamond watch. Today we got a little insight into on of Cardi B’s recent cravings. She has asked for all our help in finding the Candy in the video below! The following song came to mind as I read Cardi B’s tweet:

She really wants that candy!

In the tweet we attached above Cardi has called to anyone that might see the video and identify the candy being eaten. Whatever Cardi wants, Cardi gets! Before you go, don’t forget to read about Cardi B’s political opinions here. Now… back to that tweet! Even just hearing that chewing sound in the video has left my taste buds feeling like this:

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