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Are you being duped?

Are you being duped?
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Celebrity update

Are you being duped?

Buyers beware! Somebody(s) have been running a fake version of KKW’s online store.

Did you hear that Kim Kardashian’s KKW Fragrance was quietly under attack? Somebody(s) have been running a fake version of KKW’s online store. And people have been unknowingly sending money to the crooks. Who doesn’t love Kim Kardashian’s beauty products?

In the tweet below KKW Fragrance stated that a fake online shop (with a misspelled name). Has been duping people, which (I think) could damage Kim’s brand. Such criminals take advantage of us (the fans) for not always spelling things/ brands correctly.

And with that one misspelt (yes… misspelt has a double “s”). With one misspelt word you could end up landing on a seemingly-genuine fake store. As of now, no one seems to know who the offenders are. But in my opinion, buyers must beware. Personally, I visit such sites once and forever keep them bookmarked… though that might always be enough, in all cases. So.. always stay vigilant my friends! After you are done with the segment below, read up on Cardi B’s political opinions <<< here!

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Conclusion on Kim Kardashian’s beauty products:

Keep buying authentic KKW Beauty products, don’t let fear drive you away from your Christmas wish list. We mustn’t let any of this kinda stuff impact our beloved brands. Just make sure you are on the right website each time you buy any celebrity products. Like (in this case) Kim Kardashian’s beauty products.

Today’s fake stores come with all the right promotional photographs, looks, and feel. So keep your eyes open, and spread the word. Still not sure which is the genuine KKW site? Just click here or type for yourself:

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