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Wanna hear Cardi B’s political opinions?

Wanna hear Cardi B’s political opinions?
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Political update

Wanna hear Cardi B’s political opinions?

The true Bardi Gang knows that the Queen does not shy away from politics. Are you ready for your Cardi B gossip update?

Any self-respecting, pure-blooded, properly initiated member of the Bardi Gang knows that the Queen does not shy away from making political statements. Last year, three years after we felt the Bern Cardi B was still feeling it and reading up on Bernie Sanders. She stated, “I’m really sad how we let him down in 2016 This man been fighting for equal rights, HUMAN rights for such a long time…” Buckle up gang! I hope you’re ready for your Cardi B gossip update.

1. Equal rights. HUMAN rights

As someone who has traveled between countries I personally felt what it feels like to be a foreigner/ immigrant. Nooo.. I’m not just talking about going to Paris for a weekend, I mean pulling up your sleeves and getting a basic-wage job in another country. And find thyself being treated differently (less than human) just because you were born in a different geographical location. Thank God we have influential superstars like Cardi B, that are sensitive to the plight of HUMAN rights and peace. Additionally, you can also read about Cardi B’s tweet on: Azerbaijan and Armenia <<<here.

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2. Let’s open our eyes. Read more!

In the post below some of you might be surprised to learn that Cardi B (yes… Cardi B)  was in advance placement in high school for Government and history! She even stated that it was a subject that Cardi B could learn fast cause she naturally loves it! (End of paraphrased quote) …Not all of us can become advanced students, but we do need to read more articles, posts, and watch some informative YouTube videos… OPEN OUR EYES! To things that we mistakenly-think do not affect us at all. Like Government policies. Those that don’t follow Cardi, probably didn’t expect such an informative Cardi B gossip update. Welcome to the Bardi Gang guys!

3. She is open to running for Congress

I once asked a Preacher what it takes to be able to preach to any congregation (true story) and he said, “You need to love the people you’re trying to preach to.” I got it! I really got what he was giving me, because I’ve seen social workers that do not love the homeless drug addicts that they are tasked to rehabilitate.

One might hate addiction, but a social worker needs to love the person that is trapped within it all. In the tweet below Cardi B cleverly stated, “I really love government, even though I don’t agree with government.” If love is the backbone of her interest in governance, then Cardi has my vote!

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My final notes

As I wrap up this article, I’m super excited and glad you came over. Keep checking out Hourly Gossip! In relation to Cardi B running for congress, Hourly Gossip can’t wait for such a day to come. Impressively, she realises that a bit of schooling would not hurt her mission. I hope you enjoyed this Cardi B gossip update. Have you read this article about How to keep your spot on The Real Housewives?

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