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Might Shuri become the next Black Panther?

How can Shuri become the next Black Panther?
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Might Shuri become the next Black Panther?

In the absence of Chadwick Boseman, Marvel has the option to recast his role. And give it to another actor. Some fans hate that idea

With the sad passing away of Chadwick Boseman, the Marvel Universe lost a great man. He was both respected and loved by fans all over the globe. He had appeared in four Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. And needless to say the studio had more plans for his character, Black Panther. You can read this article on that >> Upcoming Chadwick Boseman Marvel projects.

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Marvel’s options

In the absence of Chadwick Boseman, Marvel has the option to recast his role. And give it to another actor. Some fans hate that idea, in my opinion there would need to give it to a completely new face in Hollywood (if they insisted on casting it again). Someone that is experienced but humble, like Tongayi Chirisa. He has been in TV projects like American Horror story and other Hollywood movie conquests. Fun fact he is also from Zimbabwe, just like Marvel actress: Danai Gurira (widely known as Michonne from the Walking Dead).

Tongai Chirisa’s acting experience

Which TV shows has Tongayi Chirisa acted in?

2008–2009: Crusoe as Friday
2009: Diamonds as Oba Sewele
2010: Mrs Mandela as Arguing husband
2010: Barack Obama’s Cousin as Barack Obama’s Cousin
2011: NCIS: Los Angeles as Interrogator
2012: American Horror Story: Asylum as Miles
2012: H+: The Digital Series as African Soldier
2013: Sleepy Hollow as Arthur Bernard
2013: Gaffigan as Father Nicholas Ngungumbane
2015: Whitney as Gary Houston
2015–2016: The Jim Gaffigan Show as Father Nicholas
2016: Mars Project as Neil Cormack
2017–2019: Tongayi Chirisa iZombie as Justin Bell
2018: Hawaii Five-0 as Don
2018: The Guest Book as Kwame
2020: Tongayi Chirisa The Good Doctor as Kerryś Husband

Who will be the next Black Panther?

Acting experience is a must and it would be great to find an actor in Hollywood who is both humble, African, and extremely likable. Which is why Hourly Gossip would vote for Tongayi Chirisa. He has acted in Hollywood movies like Antebellum and Palm Springs (alongside Andy Samberg). His other movies include:

2005: Tanyaradzwa
2008: Ace of Hearts as Tebsane Masa
2008: Zimbabwe as Charles
2008: Skin as Township Priest
2008: Mr. Bones 2: Back from the Past as Hekule
2009: Gargoyle as Themba
2011: Geezas as Sammy the Mouth
2013: Stand By as Dee
2014: Whipping Boy as Olly ‘Napalm’ Harris
2016: Happiness Is a Four-letter Word as Thomas
2017: The Zim as William Zimunya
2020: Palm Springs as Jerry
2020: Antebellum in Post-production

Other possible scenarios

Before we move on to Shuri’s possible ascension to Blank Panther, let’s explore another possibility. Could Marvel try and find a way to bring back Erik Killmonger? The coming back of a previously-dead character is nothing new in films, even Marvel’s very own comic books. You can read all about Shuri (including a comic book resurrection here) long read, but worth it. Make no mistake, everyone would have preferred to still have Chadwick alive and able to continue… but sadly, he is no longer with us. So as things stand their options seem to be Shuri (or another pre-existing character), Erik Killmonger, or recasting the role to actors like Tongai Chirisa.

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Shuri as Black Panther

Even after talk that Shuri died in Thanos’ snap, as mentioned in the link above she has been revived before… by her brother. It might not be a popular plot twist in our modern-day films, but Marvel movies are bound by the comics. Each movie is allowed to extract anything that authentically exists in its lore. Shuri is also rumored to have brains that potentially surpass Mr. Stark himself. Something not to be taken lightly and a huge plus for any would-be Black Panther.

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