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How can you save your relationship? – After hearing about Cavallari and Cutler

Cavallari and Cutler – How did we miss the signs?

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How can you save your relationship? – After hearing about Cavallari and Cutler

After hearing about Cavallari’s divorce story. How can you save your relationship? We think we might have a few juicy ideas for you to try.

The stars of Very Cavallari were on most of our #Couplegoals list. Our beloved Kristin and Jay had been idolized as one of the most ideal couples, and not just on TV. But even in our dreams, we saw in them… all the things we want in our own relationships. Which is why the divorce announcement came as a shock. Fans of their reality show were left wondering, “If they couldn’t make it… How can you save your relationship?” It’s been 5 months now, and Kristin has finally opened up a bit more on the hard subject.

In the Instagram post attached below (from 5 months ago) Kristin said, “With great sadness, after 10 years together we have come to a loving conclusion to get a divorce…” Today she has dished out more details on her last years of marriage by saying: she thought about divorcing Jay everyday for 2 whole years. Read more on

We followed and watched the couple in their reality show Very Cavallari, but still managed to miss the signs of Kristin’s unhappiness. Are there ways that you can also try and bring back the spark into your own relationship? Hourly Gossip thinks we might have some ideas for you to try before you decide to jump ship. This list is not in any way connected to Cavallari and Cutler’s situation… but its something that could hopefully be of use to you (or someone you know). After which you can also then read this gossip on Facts about The Real Housewives reality shows.

How can you achieve #Couplegoals

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How to save your marriage or relationship

  1. Don’t avoid going home

    If your aim is to try and rekindle the love and fire you both once had, a huge part of that involves being close to each other. How else will you be able to talk or connect physically. Avoiding going home could make things tenser than they might already be.

  2. Stop wondering if you can “Do better”

    Everyone has flaws! To have flaws is to be human. Nobody is perfect, but it’s just that when we decided to end a relationship (or when two people have been together for a while) our brains sometimes start to trick us into seeing ONLY the so-called flaws. Yes, even that Yoga instructor of yours with his meaty abs. He (or she) has his own flaws. The unfortunate thing is, instead of working through each other’s flaws (yap! Even you have flaws too) we find ourselves jumping ship over things that can be addressed. Relationships take love, caring, and time… lots of time, to stew into perfection.

  3. Never stop dating

    Buy new, naughty lingerie. Build that tablecloth fort again! Swoop her and carry her to bed (or ladies… we can also carry him to bed) we don’t judge here. It’s a safe space, see… I didn’t even say “lol” there. Never stop dating or doing things. This advice is a two-way street. For both him and her!

  4. Talk about and visualise the future

    That trip to Paris (after COVID of course), which dog you guys might consider rescuing, and so on… I’m not saying adopting a dog will save your relationship, it won’t! But if you’re both invested to remain together, talking and planning about the future is one of the signs. We will do this and that, as soon as the concerts return and this pandemic is over. It doesn’t always have to be “Big talk” and “Big plans” – cause maybe issues of finance might pop up. You can make the plans simple and intimate (which is even better, emotionally) like taking a sandwich basket to the park this coming weekend. That’s a very practical future plan. Eat that Eiffel Tower!

  5. Kiss more

    Do it like you mean it. Though I’m worried that if you are now at a stage where you need to be told this. Eish! You have some work to do. Kissing is one of the most underrated human intimacies (along with a really good, long hug). It’s been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure and amp up your happy hormones.


Thank you so much for visiting Hourly Gossip! Have you also found ways that couples can rekindle their fire? Please… tell us about your solutions in the comment section below. If you liked the 5th point on kissing, read more about the benefits of kissing here.

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